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>> Industry - Metal Tubes and Pipes
Sector Roads Tenders Tender Value Rs. 1.30 Million / 13 Lakh
Location Mizoram Tenders Ref.No 32848932
Closing Date 28 - Dec - 2018  |  639 Days ago View
Supply of Cat a Spares Part -heat Roller (part No.wmfbc-406/1-1-07 ), Tail Roller (part No.wmfbc-406/1-1-08 ), Return Roller (part No. Wmfbc-406/1-1-11 ), Belt (2300x450 4ply) (part No. Wmfbc-406/1-1-14 ), Pedestal Ucp 209 (part No. Wmfbc-406/1-1-15 ), Take Up Pedestal Uct 209 (part No. Wmfbc406/1-1-16 ), V. Belt (b-52) (part No. Wmfbc-406/1-1-19 ), M-12x30 Bolt (part No. Wmfbc-406/1-1-20), M-12 Nut (part No. Wmfbc-406/1-1-21 ), Pulley (05 ’ B 2way) (part No. Wmfbc-406/1-1-25 ), No Flow Indicator (part No. Wmfbc-406/1-1-26), Limit Switch (part No. Wmfbc-406/1-1-27), Belt Gathering (21000x600 4 Ply) (part No.wmfbf-406/1-2-03, Gathering Roller (part No.wmfbf-406/1-2-04 ), Pedestal Bearing (ucp-210) (part No. Wmfbf-406/1-2-05 ), Load Cell (50 Kg) (part No. Wmfbf-406/1-2-08), Leg Bolt & Nut M-12(32+32) (part No.wmfbf406/1-2-11a ), Take Up Bearing Uct 210 (part No. Wmfbf-406/1-2-15 ), V Belt (b-54) (part No.wmfbf-406/1-2-17 ), Mounting Bolt (part No. Wmfbf-406/1-2-19 ), Nut (part No.wmfbf-406/1-2-20 ), Pully Locking Bolt (part No. Wmfbf-406/1-2-21 ), Washer Fixing Bolt (part No.wmfbf-406/1-2-23 ), Gear Box Adjusting Bolt (part No.wmfbf-406/1-2-24 ), Nut (part No.wmfbf-406/1-2-25 ), Roller Stand Mounting Bolt (part No. Wmfbf-406/1-2-26 ), Roller Stand Mounting Nut (part No. Wmfbf-406/1-2-27 ), Pedestal Bearing (ucp – 205) (part No. Wmfbf-406/1-2-28 ), Nut & Bolt (part No. Wmfbf-406/1-2-29 ), Pedestal Mounting Nut & Bolt (part No. Wmfbf-406/1-2-30, Coller (slinger Conveyor) (part No. Wmsc-406/1-3-02 ), Tail Roller (part No. Wmsc-406/1-3-03), Take Up Bearing (ucp- 210) (part No. Wmsc-406/1-3-04 ), Pedestal Bearing (ucp-210) (part No.wmsc-406/1-3-05 ), Belt Conveyor (part No. Wmsc-406/1-3-06 ), V-belt (b-54) (part No. Wmsc-406/1-3-09 ), Bolt (part No. Wmsc-406/1-3-22), Nut (part No. Wmsc-406/1-3-23 ), Washer (part No. Wmsc-406/1-3-24 ), Comprention Spring (part No. Wmvc-406/1-4-02 ), Bolt for Spring (part No. Wmvc -406/1-4-08 ), Bolt for Motor (part No. Wmvc -406/1-4-12 ), Nut (part No. Wmvc -406/1-4-13 ), Tail Roller (part No. Wmloc406/1-5-03 ), Take Up Bearing (ucp-210) (part No. Wmloc406/1-5-04 ), Pedestal Bearing (ucp-210) (part No. Wmloc406/1-5-05, Belt Conveyer (part No. Wmloc406/1-5-06 ), V Belt (b-54) (part No. Wmloc406/1-5-09 ), Bolt (part No. Wmloc406/1-5-17), Nut (part No. Wmloc406/1-5-18), Bolt (part No. Wmloc406/1-5-19 ), Nut (part No. Wmloc406/1-5-20 ), Thermostay (part No. Wmdc406/1-11-06, Nozle Rod (part No. Wmdb 406/1-12-04, Nozzle (12.5) (part No. Wmdb 406/1-12-05, Impeller (part No. Wmdb 406/1-12-08, Photo Cell (part No. Wmdb 406/1-12-14), Electrode (part No.wmdb 406/1-12-15, V. Belt (a-70) (part No. Wmpdc 406/1-13-11, Pulley (part No. Wmpdc 406/1-13-20 ), Flexible Lub Oil Pipe (part No. Wmat 406/1-16-19), Flexible Lub Oil Pipe (part No. Wmat 406/1-16-20, Solonoid Valve (220 V Ac) (part No. Wmps 406/1-17-02), Pressure Meter (0-35kg/c2 (part No. Wmps 406/1-17-04, Benjo Bolt (part No. Wmps 406/1-17-07, Suction Pipe (part No. Wmps 406/1-17-09, Returen Pipe (part No.wmps 406/1-17-10, Gate Discharge No.1 (part No. Wmdh406/1-6-02, Gate Discharge No. 2 (part No. Wmdh406/1-6-03, Pin (gate) (part No. Wmdh406/1-6-05 ), Pin (cylinder) (part No. Wmdh406/1-6-06, Bolt M-16 (part No. Wmdh406/1-6-08 ), Bolt M-12 (part No. Wmdh406/1-6-09 ), Link (part No. Wmdh406/1-6-11 ), Screpper (part No. Wmdh406/1-6-12), Screpper Bolt (part No. Wmdh406/1-6-13, Sprocket (2.5 Pitch X13 Teeth) (part No. Wmtd406/1-7-07, Trunish Roller (part No. Wmtd406/1-7-14, Sproket Main 2.5 ” Pitchx61 Teeth) (part No. Wmtdd06/1-9-05), Cock (part No. Wmtdd 406/1-9-09 ), Sproket (part No. Wmtdd 406/1-9-13 ), V. Belt (c-58) (part No. Wmtdd 406/1-9-16, Chain Link (2.5ptitch) (part No.wmtdd 406/1-9-19, Trunion Roller (part No. Wmtra 406/1-10-01 ), Pedestal Bearing (ucp-210) (part No. Wmtra 406/1-10-04, Bolt Nut (part No.wmtra 406/1-10-07 ), Vortal Roller (part No. Wmtra 406/1-10-11 ), Filter Elememnt (part No. Wmps 406/1-17-12 ), Nylone Couple (part No. Wmps 406/1-17-15 ) ~ .
Sector Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies Tenders Tender Value Rs. 2.48 Lakh approx.
Location Mizoram Tenders Ref.No 32360478
Closing Date 03 - Dec - 2018  |  664 Days ago View
Construction of Rain Shelter ~ at Hariamani Para of Chawmanu Block. #*. Gi Pipe Pillar, Gci Sheet Roofing, Etc
Sector Education And Research Institute Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Mizoram Tenders Ref.No 32146659
Closing Date 02 - Nov - 2018  |  695 Days ago View
Supply of Vacuum Pumping System and Rf Discharge Tube ~ .
Sector Health Services/Equipments Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Mizoram Tenders Ref.No 32009920
Closing Date 31 - Oct - 2018  |  697 Days ago View
Rate Contract of Medical Equipments, Instruments, Appliances, Home Base New Born, Care Kit, Mucus Extractor, Digital Thermometer, Torch Light, Baby Weighing Scale, with Sling ( Spring, Balance), Autoclave, Periosteal Elevator, Cryor (left &right), Cement Spatula, Drum Box, Excavator, Mouth Mirror, Probe, Condenser, Blade Holder, Torch Light, Kidney Tray, Face Mask, Counting Chamber, Fridge (for Keeping, Reagents), Esr Stand, Esr Tube, Hot Water Bath, Semi-auto Analyser, Spectro Photometer, Erba Chem 5 Plus V2, Hot Air Oven, Micropipette, Micropipette, Cell Counter, Needle, Cutter/destroyer, Beaker (glass), Beaker (glass), Measuring Cylinder, Measuring Cylinder, Measuring Cylinder, Holder/stand, Pipette Tips, Holder/stand, Pipette Pump, Mouth Pipette (glass), Mouth Pipette (glass), Mouth Pipette (glass), Dyslexia Early, Screening Test (dest), Bayley Iii Screening, Test, Double Blood Bags, (350ml), Triple Blood Bags, (350ml), Hiv Elisa Kit, Trigger Cut Off with, Pipe, Air Check Valve, Pump Barrel Assembly, Sprayer Rod (long Hose, Sprayer) ~ etc.
Sector Health Services/Equipments Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Mizoram Tenders Ref.No 31563223
Closing Date 09 - Oct - 2018  |  719 Days ago View
Purchase of Hospital Equipments/Instruments:- Videoendoscopy Comlete System (UGI & LGI scope), Colonovideoscope Machine (LGI scope), Bougie dilator, Polypectomy snare, Balloon dilator, Endo pump, Endoscopic Dialator, Laser Therapy Class IV Machine High Driven, Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) Machine Lower Limb, Traction Machine (Lumber Cum Cervical), Tens (4 channel), Ultrasound Therapy Machine, Jig Saw, Heat Gun, Drilling Machine, Bench Vice Orthovice, CPAP Machine, Microcentrifuge, Binocular Microscope, Bera Phone, ABG Machine, Phototherapy Unit (LED Double Surface), Cryostat with 3KVA Online UPS with Batterries (2-3 hours Back up), Penda Head Microscope with Camera with 3KVA Online UPS with Batterries (2-3 hours Back up), Harmonic with all accessories, Surgical Loupe, Swiss Lithoclast, Thomson retractor, Diathermy Machine, Holter Recording Machine, Tread Mill Test (TMT), Elisa Reader, Elisa Washer, 3 KVA Online UPS with Batterries, Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), Bipolar Diathermy Machine, Manual Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer, Sealing Machine for ETO Sterilizer, Direct Ophthalmoscope, Small Instruments (Titanium) for Squint Surgery set, Small Instruments (Titanium) for Keratoplasty set, Small Instruments (Titanium) for SICS set, Schiotz Tonometer, O.T Table, Anaesthesia Workstation, Obstetric Labour Table (Hydraulic), O.T Light (Ceiling type), Fetal Monitoring Device (Intra Partum), Syringe Infusion Pump, Focus Light / Lamp, Laparoscopic Set, Air Conditioner (2 ton) - Split type, Infant warmer, Patient Monitor (Multiple Module), Dental Chair and unit with Air Compressor, Orthopantograph (OPG), Radiovisiography (RVG), Surgical Micromotor with Straight Handpiece, Scaler, Intra Oval Caornera, Laser YSGG (Soft & Hard), Complete set of extraction forceps (adult & Paediatrics), Multi channel Cardiac Monitor with Online UPS support, Defibrillator with Online UPS support, Infusion pump with stand, Portable ECG Machine, Suction Machine, X-Ray View Box (Big size), Transport Ventilator, Transport Monitor, Flexible Fibreoptic Laryngoscope, Defibrillator, ECG Machine, Central Vacuum System with pipeline, Operating Microscope with Video Monitor, Rigid Nasal endoscopes 0 degree, Rigid Nasal endoscopes 30 degree, Rigid Nasal endoscopes 70 degree, Flexible Nasopharyngoscope, Video Monitor for FESS, Pediatrics Otoendoscope, Infusion Pump, Bedside Cardiac Monitor, X-Ray View Box, Suction Machine, ECG Machine 12 channel, Laryngoscope with Blades, Opthalmoscope, Spirometry Machine, Wash Disinfector, Gauze Cutting Machine, Drying Cabinet, Ultrasonic Washer, BMW Waste Shredder, BMW Trolley, BMW Glass Shredder, Catarac Set, Radio Frequency Knife, DCR set, Phaco Machine, Auto Refractometer, Automated Perimetry, Operating Microscope, Automatic Stabilizer 5KV, Air Conditioner (2 ton) - Split type, Blood Collection Monitor, Colorimeter, Binocular Microscope, Water Bath, Deep Freezer -40oC, Laparoscopy set, Cystoureteroscopy system with Lithoclast, Rib/Chest retractor, Cholelithotomy Stone Forcep, Skin Hook, Suction Machine, Skin Graft Mesher, Proximal Femoral Nailing set, Electronic Torniquet set, Femoral Interlocking set, Tibial Interlocking set, Humerus Interlocking set, Humerus Locking Plate system set, Femur Locking Plate system set, Oesophagoscope (Adult), Head Light, Bronchoscope (Adult), Bronchoscope (Paediatric), Operating Microscope, Sysringe Pump, Suction Machine, X-Ray View Box, ECG Machine 12 channel, Electrocautery Machine, Minor OT Light, Minot OT Table, Binocular Microscope, Coloriemeter, Hot Air Oven, Centrifuge Machine, 3KVA Online UPS with Batteries, Fire Extinguisger 5 kgs, X-Ray Lead Apron, Examination table, Glucometer, Fetal Doppler Machine, Vertical Autoclave (Size : 3'x2'x1'), 3 KVA Online UPS with Batterries (for O.T), Otoscope, Electrolyte Analyzer, Hematology Analyzer (Automated), DR System, Anaesthesia workstation, O.T Table C-Arm Compatible (Hydraulic), Patient Monitor, Mayo's Table, Diathermy Machine, O.T Light (Ceiling type), Horizontal Sterilizer ( Size : 3'x2'x1'), Utero Renoscopy set, Suction Machine, Portable Ultrasound Machine for Casualty Dept., Dialysis Machine, R.O Plant, Caeserian Set, Doppler (fetal Hert Doppler), Infra Red, Vacuum Aspirator/MVA, Suction Machine, Delivery Table, Ventouse, Otoendoscope, Nasal Endoscope with Camera & Monitor 0 degree, Nasal Endoscope with Camera & Monitor 30 degree, Rigid Endoscope with Camera & Monitor 70, DR System, ABG Machine, Ventouse Delivery Set, Normal Delivery Set, Orthopaedic Electric Cast Cutter, Labour Delivery Bed (Hydraulic), Biochemistry Analizer, Paulse Oxymeter, Otoscope, Shadowless Overhead Light with Stand, Laringoscope - Adult, Laringoscope - Paediatrics, Air Compressor (Dental), Airotor Hand piece with burs, 7 Parts Cell Counter, Automated ELISA for thyroid function, Serum Electrolyte test machine, ECG Machine 12 channel, Autoclave (Size : 3'x2'x1'), Diathermy Machine, Overhead Phototherapy Unit, Infant Warmer, Neonatal Resuscitation Kit,
Sector Civil Works Tenders Tender Value Rs. 14.55 Million approx. / 1.45 Crore approx.
Location Mizoram Tenders Ref.No 31402952
Closing Date 24 - Sep - 2018  |  734 Days ago View
Operation and Maintenance of 15.02 Mld Water Treatment Plant Behind Governor House Inc Dtws, over Head Tanks and Rising Pipelines Inc Specials at Different Locations of North Zone of Amc, Agartala,
Sector Industrial Gases Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Mizoram Tenders Ref.No 31570440
Closing Date 21 - Sep - 2018  |  737 Days ago View
Procurement Of ½ Inch G.I Pipe, 15 NB x Heavy Class x plain end For Cgd Project Of Tngcl,
Sector Municipal Corporations Tenders Tender Value Rs. 75 Thousand
Location Mizoram Tenders Ref.No 31446104
Closing Date 14 - Sep - 2018  |  744 Days ago View
Supply of 50cm long 3O mm dia M.S pipe bracket for installation of ZO/35 watt CFL fittings in AMC area. #*. procurement of PVC wire solid aluminum conductor cable for street light maintenance in the extended area under Municipal Corporation. #*. providing installation of one number Kiosk and other accessories for Extension of Service connection at Hrishi pally water filter under AMC.
Sector Agro Products Tenders Tender Value Rs. 6.90 Million approx. / 69.04 Lakh approx.
Location Mizoram Tenders Ref.No 31216410
Closing Date 11 - Sep - 2018  |  747 Days ago View
Supply of gi fittings, full way valve, upvc reducer etc for installation of sbdtw under mgnrega at different blocks (kadamtala, kalacherra, panisagar, jubarajnagar, gournagar, kumarghat, chandipur) of unakoti and north tripura district.
Sector Civil Works Tenders Tender Value Rs. 2.78 Million approx. / 27.85 Lakh approx.
Location Mizoram Tenders Ref.No 30792775
Closing Date 16 - Aug - 2018  |  773 Days ago View
Chargeable To Stock Procurement Of Different Sizes Of Ductile Iron Fittings For Water Supply Schemes In During The Year 2018-19 Gr-I
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